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  • Hi Krista, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your classes greatly affected our dancers. I am so grateful that our schedules aligned and you were able to come teach the master classes. We talked as a group the week after your classes and I was so impressed by how much the dancers retained and HEARD! I took notes throughout your classes and so many of them were able to communicate your words exactly to match my notes which was such a breathe of fresh air and exciting to see them so motivated and excited. Thank you again for coming out and sharing your passion. Thank you again for being such a bright highlight for our dancers this season.

  • My kids are SO inspired and can't stop talking about your classes!! I'm so glad you had a good time while you were here! I really respect and am inspired by you. I would love to bring you out again soon.

  • Your words broke me into tears and even though I have been looking for words that can express my feelings, I just can't, as I was just telling Cory by email, is so hard for me to explain how you have touched our family as well, and not only our family, but lots of people that attended the event, I have been receiving a lot of compliments about you and your family, if you think that these event changed your lives, well, you need to see how the Millers moved and inspired thousands! I am very blessed and fortunate to have found you in this life!

  • It must be a great feeling to know you have touched and inspired so many dancers all around the world. However no doubt at times very tiring as well. You Krista have the hardest job of all. You are surrounded by hugely capable Cory, wonderfully talented Alexis who also seems to provide a great ‘bigger sister’ to Autie which is lovely, especially as she hits those ‘tricky’ years, and your amazing daughter who ALL the dancers just ‘hang off!’ (she really does have incredible energy and knows how to handle her image & stardom extremely well). And Harbor adds such cuteness to your whole team! I can so see how exhausting it can be and very much appreciate exactly how hard it is. I wished we could have had more time together. However, thank you again, for being so amazing and taking the time for ALL of our dancers and us as a family as well. Looking forward to our next adventure! All the best in the meantime. God bless. We will keep you all in our thoughts & prayers.


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